Song List

  • Alive      (Pearl Jam) 

    Baba O’Reily       (The Who) 

    Better Man         (Pearl Jam) 

    Blue on Black     (Kenny Wayne Shephard) 

    Call Me (Blondie) 

    Careless Whisper             (Wham) 

    Carry On Wayward Son  (Kansas) 

    Change (Blind Melon) 

    Creep    (Radiohead) 

    Devil mashup     (Charlie Daniels/ The Animals) 

    Doesn't Remind Me        (Audioslave) 

    Don’t Let Me Down         (The Beatles) 

    Don’t Stop Me Now        (Queen) 

    Feel Like Makin (Bad Company) 

    Freebird               (Lynyrd Skynyrd) 

    Goodbye Yellow Brick     (Elton John) 

    Heart of Glass    (Blondie) 

    High Enough      (Damn Yankees) 

    I am a Highway  (Audioslave) 

    I’m shipping up (Dropkick Murphys) 

    I need a lover     (John Cougar) 

    I Remember You              (Skid Row) 

    I want you to want me   (Cheap Trick) 

    Lake of Fire         (Nirvana) 

    Layla      (Eric Clapton) 

    Lost On You        (L.P.) 

    Love Song            (Tesla) 

    Magic Man          (Heart) 

    Mainstream Kid (Brandi Carlisle) 

    Man in the Box  (Alice in Chains) 

    Nothing Else Matters      (Metallica) 

    Paranoid              (Black Sabbath) 

    Patience              (Guns N Roses) 

    Ramblin Man     (The Allman Brothers Band) 

    Rock N Roll          (Led Zeppelin) 

    Rockin / Ants     (SMB/DMB) 

    Roll with the Changes    (REO Speedwagon) 

    Rosalita (Bruce Springsteen) 

    Sex and Candy   (Marcy Playground) 

    Shine     (Collective Soul) 

    Shooting Star     (Bad Company) 

    Smooth Criminal               (Michael Jackson) 

    So Lonely             (The Police) 

    Spirit of Radio    (Rush) 

    Spoonman          (Soundgarden) 

    Starman               (David Bowie) 

    Still Loving You  (The Scorpions) 

    Sweet Child        (Guns N Roses) 

    Sweetest Thing (U2) 

    The Stroke          (Billy Squier) 

    The Wind Cries Mary      (Jimmy Hendrix) 

    Those Shoes       (The Eagles) 

    Volcano Girls      (Veruca Salt) 

    Whiskey in Jar    (Metallica) 

    White Rabbit      (Jefferson Airplane) 

    Zombie (The Cranberries)